PDF/BSI Certificate FM 69288


At Millstone Medical Outsourcing, quality is our top priority. We understand that slips in quality can result in compromised care, recalls, and catastrophic business problems. Since our inception in 2000, Millstone has been deeply committed to operating under the highest quality standards, and our dedication to quality in medical contract packaging and medical device distribution is instilled in our team at every level from senior management to our engineers.

Our commitment to quality is evident in the extensive training we provide to our medical packaging and device inspection professionals, the attention to detail we employ in medical device validation and testing procedures, and the capital investments we make in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. We keep current with the ever-changing industry and utilize best practices in every aspect of our business. With regular facility audits by the FDA and our customers, we continue every day to evolve and improve our processes and protocols for medical device packaging, inspection, tracking, and distribution. We believe in the importance of transparency and maintain careful records that are available for review. Just as the success of our customers lies in the quality of each orthopedic device or other medical product they develop, we believe our success is based on our process integrity and the trust our customers place in us as a strategic partner.

Medical Device Certifications

Millstone is registered with the FDA and is ISO 13485 registered with BSI Management Systems. In addition, the Olive Branch, MS, facility is registered with the FDA as a human tissue bank for cold storage distribution and is registered and licensed to store and distribute human tissue and bone products in a variety of states across the country.